Group of Algae Biotechnology

Vasily S. Zotov
Head of the Group
Ph.D. (Biology)
INBI, build.1, room. 349
Telefone+7 (495) 952-33-09

Directions of research

The main direction of research is development of effective industrial biotechnologies of accumulating and deep conversion of microalgae biomass for receiving a value-added bioproducts.

  • Investigation of microalgae and symbiotic soil bacteria biodiversity;
  • Development of technologies receiving bioproducts from microalgae: biological products for horticulture, a forage for an aquaculture, products with high degree of purification for cosmetology and pharmaceutics;
  • Development and creation of special laboratory and processing equipment;
  • Investigation of specificity of plant-microbe interactions;
  • Development of the personalized formulas of biological products for coordinate selection of new breeds of leguminous crops;
  • Investigation of efficiency of biological products for horticulture in the conditions of laboratory and field experiences.

Research techniques:

  • molecular genetic techniques of identification and differentiation of microorganisms (PCR, real-time PCR, electrophoresis, cloning, MLSA, AFLP, NGS);
  • microbiological methods;
  • cultivation test;
  • bioinformatics methods.


Selected publications:

1.     Punina N.V., Zotov V.S., Parkhomenko A.L., Parkhomenko T.U., Topunov A.F. Genetic Diversity of Bacillus thuringiensis from Different Geo-Ecological Regions of Ukraine by Analyzing the 16S rRNA and gyrB Genes and by AP-PCR and saAFLP // Acta Naturae. 2013. V. 5, No. 1(16), pp. 90-100.

2.     Zotov V.S., Punina N.V., Khapchaeva S.A., Didovych S.V., Melnichuk T.N., Topunov A.F. A New Taxonomic Marker of Nodule Bacteria of the Rhizobium Genus and its Evolution // Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research. 2013, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 102–113.