Scientific discoveries of Alexei N. Bach were highly regarded by his contemporaries. On April 27, 1944 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Bach’s peroxide theory, the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR decided to hold annual lectures on topical issues in biochemistry. The lectures are held at the A.N.Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS annually on March 17 – the birthday of Academician Aleksei Bach. During his lifetime, two lectures were hold, where Academicians Alexander Oparin and Nikolai Semenov made speeches.

A.N. Bach award was established on May 14, 1946, by a decree of the Council of Ministers “In memory of the outstanding soviet biochemist Academician Alexei N. Bach”. It is awarded every three years by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences for outstanding scientific achievements, discoveries and inventions in the field of biochemistry.

The award has to be approved by the Expert Commission, members of which are nominated by the Bureau of the Department of Biological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Bureau Decree No. 138 dated on December 24, 2013)


D.M. Mikhlin (1947) – for a series of works “Peroxides and peroxidases”
A.N. Terenin and A.A. Krasnov (1950) – for a series of works “Photochemistry of chlorophyll and photosynthesis”
A.L. Kursanov (1953) – for a series of works “The synthesis and transformation of tannins in the tea plant”
V.L. Kretovich (1957) – for a series of works “Biochemistry autotrophic nitrogen assimilation”
V.N. Bukin (1960) – for a series of works “Vitamins in animal husbandry”
M.A. Bokuchava (1963) – for a series of works “Biochemistry of tea and tea manufacture”
N.M. Sissakian (1966) – for a series of works “Biochemistry of cell structures and space biology” (posthumously)
B.N. Stepanenko (1969) – for the monograph “Carbohydrates. Advances in studies on structure and metabolism”
V.P. Skulachev (1972) – for the monograph “Energy accumulation in the cell”
A.A. Krasnovsky (1975) – for the work “Conversion of light energy during photosynthesis. Molecular mechanisms”
B.F. Poglazov (1978) – for the monograph “Assembly of biological structures,” “Rules for assembly of elementary biological structures” and “Morphogenesis of T-Even Bacteriophages”
A.I. Archakov (1981) – for a series of works “Microsomal oxidation”
V.Y. Bykhovsky (1984) – for a series of studies “Biosynthesis and industrial production of vitamin B12 and its coenzyme”
A.V. Kotelnikova and R.A. Zviagilskaya (1987) – for a series of studies “Biochemistry of yeast mitochondria”
V.V. Mosolov (1990) – for a series of works “Proteolytic enzymes and their natural inhibitors”
A.M. Bezborodov (1993) – for a series of studies “Enzymatic reactions in biotechnology”
Z.G. Evstigneeva, N.P.Lvov, V.R.Shatilov (1996) – for a series of works “Enzymology of ammonium and nitrate assimilation in plants”
V.V. Mesyanzhinov (1999) – for a series of works “Structure and mechanisms of fibrillar α-helical coil-coiled protein folding”
I.A. Tarchevsky (2002) – for a series of works “Plant cell signaling systems”
N.B. Gusev (2005) – for a series of works “Mechanisms of regulation of the contractile apparatus of different types of muscles”
A.A. Konstantinov (2008) – for a series of works “Role of the peroxidase reaction in the mechanism of energy-linked oxygen reduction by oxidases of the respiratory chain”
V.V. Klimov (2011) – for a series of works “Photosynthetic water oxidation”
M.D. Ter-Avanesyan (2014) – for a series of works “Yeast prion and non-prion amyloids: occurrence, properties, modeling of neurodegenerative diseases”

А.S. Spirin (2017) — for the book «Molecular biology. Ribosomes. Protein biosynthesis»