Facilities and services

Research divisions of the Research Center of Biotechnology RAS have a broad range of state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and highly qualified personnel to perform contract work in the field of structural biology, genomics, genetic engineering and protein design, bioanalytical and proteomic technologies, bioimaging, isolation and targeted cultivation of diverse groups of microorganisms, including those that are difficult to cultivate, the search for and design of drug candidate molecules for pharmaceutics, screening for and clinical trials of biologically active compounds.

The Research Center of Biotechnology RAS operates a testing laboratory that is accredited in the national standard system (GOST R system) for technical competence and independence. The equipment of the laboratory allows for performance a large number of different tests on samples of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, activated carbons, essential and other oils.

The Research Center of Biotechnology RAS also has three core facilities – “Industrial Biotechnology”, “Bioengineering” and “Collection of Unique and Extremophilic Microorganisms”. These core facilities have a park of modern hi-tech equipment for performing research in the field of microbiology, enzyme technologies, molecular biology and genetic engineering, as well as for the scale-up of manufacturing processes for medicinal products.

The Research Center of Biotechnology RAS has a greenhouse laboratory equipped with an artificial climate setup. This is a unique complex that has no analogues in Russia allowing researchers to perform wide range of investigations in the field of genetic engineering of plants, genetics and plant breeding, biosafety, as well as to develop technologies for genetically modified (biotechnological) plants with desired properties that can be used in crop production, medicine, veterinary medicine, and food industry.

The Research Center of Biotechnology RAS has a unique collection of microorganisms that can serve as the basis for the development of biotechnological processes for industry, medicine, and agriculture. The Center also has various databases.