Database “Proteomics of malignant cells”
Multimodal database “Proteomics of malignant cells” ( currently contains seventeen interconnected information modules; each  includes proteomic and biomedical data on proteins of the corresponding objects of research.

Database “Proteomics of Prostate Cancer”
A multi-level e-database “Proteomics of Prostate Cancer” ( was created based on results of proteomic studies of prostate tissue samples with malignant and benign tumors. The database contains more than 300 protein fractions and is registered in the State Register of databases (registration number 2012620676 from 13.07.2012).

Database “Muscle proteomics”
Multimodal database “Muscle proteomics” ( contains complex modules “myocardial proteins” and “proteins from myoblasts”(totally more than 300 identified muscle proteins).

Database of oligopeptides EROP-Moscow
Database EROP-Moscow (Endogenous Regulatory OligoPeptides) with online access ( contains information about structures and functions of natural oligopeptides.
In order to generate a client-server database, chemical, biological and other characteristics of natural oligopeptides produced via ribosomal template, non-ribosomal template or enzymatic synthesis were compiled. Currently, the database contains more than 9000 structures of natural oligopeptides.

Web-site with the bacterial genes annotations (