The Research Center of Biotechnology RAS is the founder of the following journals: “Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology”, “Microbiology” and the yearbook “Advances in Biological Chemistry.”

“Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology” journal publishes original articles in biochemistry and microbiology of present or potential practical applications. The scope of the journal includes studies of enzymes and mechanisms of enzymatic reactions, biosynthesis of low- and high-molecular-weight physiologically active compounds, investigation of their structures and properties, biogenesis pathways and their regulation, metabolism of producers of biologically active compounds, biocatalysis in organic synthesis, applied genetics of microorganisms, applied enzymology, protein and metabolic engineering, biochemical basis of phytoimmunity, applied research in the field of biochemical and immunochemical analysis, biodegradation of xenobiotic, biosensors, biomedical research (without clinical trials).
Along with experimental studies, the journal publishes descriptions of fundamentally new research techniques, reviews on selected topics, critical comments and chronicles. Reviews are invited by the editorial board of the journal.

journal was founded in 1932. The journal covers a wide range of problems in the areas of fundamental and applied microbiology, publishes experimental and theoretical articles, short communications and reviews of the latest advances in various areas of microbiology. The journal responds to the events in the Russian and international science and publishes reviews of new books.
“Microbiology” journal intended primarily for microbiologists at academic and university research departments, but it also includes essential information useful for industrial, agricultural and environmental-control institutions. It may be also useful for medical microbiologists.

The yearbook “Advances in Biological Chemistry”
was founded in 1950. It covers a wide range of problems of modern biochemistry and physical and chemical biology. The authors of published reviews are outstanding specialists in their fields. The reviews describe the state of each taken problem in the scientific world. The yearbook is included in the list of journals acknowledged by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.
Since 2007, the yearbook is translated into English and published as a special issue “Biological Chemistry reviews” of the journal “Biochemistry” (Moscow).