Lectures in honor of the prominent Russian microbiologist Sergei N. Winogradsky were established on October 27, 2009 by the Decree No. 186 of the Bureau of the Department of Biological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The 1st S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (October, 2011)
G.A. Zavarzin, Academician

The 2nd S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (April, 2013)
M.V. Ivanov, Academician

The 3d S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (April, 2014)
A.V. Pinevich, Professor, Doctor of Biology

The 4th S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (April, 2015)
A.N. Nozhevnikova, Doctor of Biology

The 5th S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (April, 2016)
E.V. Lebedeva, PhD

The 6th S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (May, 2017)
D.Yu. Sorokin, Doctor of Biology

The 7th S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (April, 2018)
D.A. Los’, Doctor of Biology, Professor

The 8th S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (2019)
S.Yu Schegolev, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor

The 9th S.N. Winogradsky Lecture (2021)
S.P Sineokiy, Doctor of Biology, Professor


S.N. Winogradsky award is a science prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is awarded by the Department of Physicochemical Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of general microbiology. The award is named in honor of the eminent Russian biologist- Academician Sergei N. Winogradsky, the founder of ecology of microorganisms and soil microbiology.

Sergei Kuznetsov (1970) – for the monograph “The microflora of lakes and its geochemical activity”, 1970 edition.
Georgy Zavarzin (1973) – for the monograph “Lithotrophic microorganisms”
Eugeny Mishustin (1977) – for the monograph ” Association of soil microorganisms”, as well as for the research of nitrogen-fixing microorganisms that extend the provisions of the monograph
Elena Kondratieva (1980) – on the set of research papers on the topic “Phototrophic bacteria”
Lev Kalakutsky (1983) – for a series of works “Adaptation of actinomycetes to the environment and evolution”
Mikhail Ivanov (1985) – for a series of works “Distribution and geochemical activity of bacteria in ocean sediments”
Dmitry Zvyagintsev (1989) – for a series of works “Principles of structure and functioning of the soil microorganism complex”
Grigory Karavaiko (1992) – for a series of basic and applied research on the transformation of minerals by microorganisms.
Yuri Sorokin (1997) – for a series of works “The role of microorganisms and protozoa in aquatic ecosystems”
Vladimir Gorlenko (2000) – for a series of studies of biodiversity of prokaryotic microorganisms.
Valery Galchenko (2003) – for the monograph “Methanotrophic bacteria”
Boris Byzov (2006) – for a series of works “Zoo-microbial interactions in soil”