Kretovich Vatslav LeonovichAccording to the Resolution No. 57 on September 20, 1994 of the Bureau of the Department of Physicochemical Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry RAS awards a scholarship named after professor, corresponding member of RAS Vatslav L. Kretovich to the best graduate students with a degree in biochemistry and biotechnology.

V.L. Kretovich Scholarship is awarded annually for a period of one year to graduate students who has attained the most outstanding record in course work after the second year of graduate studies. The winners are selected by secret vote of the Academic Council.


V.L. Kretovich Scholarship

Year Winner Scientific adviser
1 1995 V.V. Speransky A.L. Metlina, Doctor of Biology
2 1996 Y.I. Deryabina R.A. Zvyagilskaya, Doctor of Biology
3 1997 A.S. Shvetsov A.R. Homutov, Ph.D.
4 1998 A.N. Antipov N.P. Lvov, Doctor of Biology
5 1999 E.V. Yazinina B.B. Dzantiev, Doctor of Chemistry
6 2000 S.V. Sheleev A.F. Topunov, Doctor of Biology
7 2001 O.D. Gendrikson B.B. Dzantiev, Doctor of Chemistry
8 2002 I.S. Yavmetdinov O.V. Koroleva, Ph.D.
9 2003 M.O. Shleeva A.S. Kaprelyants, Doctor of Biology
10 2004 S.A. Voloshin A.S. Kaprelyants, Doctor of Biology
11 2005 K.M. Boyko V.O. Popov, Doctor of Chemistry, Corresponding Member of RAS
12 2006 E.A. Khanova K.A. Markosyan, Doctor of Biology
13 2007 M.V. Kovaleva R.A. Zvyagilskaya, Doctor of Biology
14 2008 A.A. Makarov L.I. Kovalev, Doctor of Biology
15 2009 A.E. Urusov B.B. Dzantiev, Doctor of Chemistry
16 2010 I.V. Nikolaev O.V. Koroleva, Doctor of Biology
17 2011 O.I. Demidionok A.V. Goncharenko, Ph.D.
18 2012 N.V. Komarova V.I. Tishkov, Doctor of Chemistry
19 2013 A.A. Buglak T.A. Telegina, Ph.D.
20 2014 G.V. Otrohov A.I. Yaropolov, Doctor of Chemistry
21 2015 G.V. Serpionov M.D. Ter-Avanesyan, Doctor of Biology, Corresponding Member of RAS
22 2017 N.V. Pashintseva S.S. Shishkin, Doctor of Biology
23 2018 V.G. Panferov B.B. Dzantiev, Doctor of Chemistry
I.V. Safenkova, Ph.D.