Group of Analytical Biochemisry

Boris Ts. Zaitchik
Head of the Group
INBI, build. 3, room 6
Телефон +7 (495) 978-10-27, +7 (495) 926-67-10, +7 (495) 660-34-30 ext. 167

The team has significant experience in the development of the analytical platform of modern biochemical and physico-chemical methods for studying of multicomponent composition of proteins, peptides and plant polyphenols.  The data base of main components of spirit-containing products and functional compositions of biologically active compounds of plant and animal origin has been created.

The modern equipment, such as GC/MS, LC-MS/MS and CE, available to complex peptide mixtures of different origin as well as volatile organic materials of various bio substances and monitoring the composition of such peptide mixtures generated at different technological stages. The data base that enables to trace interrelation between functional properties and organoleptic characteristics of end products containing plant and animal protein hydrolizates has been created.

Also researchers of the group study recombinant mechano growth factor (MGF) possesing functional activity has been obtained. MGF was shown to activate muscle tissue growth on exertion and regeneration. MGF plays a key role in the musculoplasty and can be considered as perspective candidate for development of pharmacological drugs aiming at increasing of muscular integrations and performance. Besides, MGF treatment increases strength of both normal, and atrophied muscles, therefore MGF can be applied as a remedy for cachexy. Furthermore, it was shown that, MGF possesses an important neuroprotective function and MGF C-terminal peptide can be used to prevent neuronal damage. Thus MGF has good perspectives to be used in medicines for regenerative capability of skeletal muscle, as well as prevention of neuronal damage.

The team includes specialists in development of analytical methods for monitoring the quality of foods and drinks. The group work up the approaches in the study of humic substances that are major constituent of soil system.The integration of the skills of the group of analytical biochemistry and other INBI laboratories will allow to realize full range of INBI tasks in WP.


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