Croup of biochemistry of singlet oxygen


Alexander A. Krasnovsky
Head of the Group
Dr.Sci. (Biology), Professor
INBI, build. 2, room 222


Телефон +7 (495) 954-14-72 ext. 185

Key words:
singlet oxygen, chlorophyll, bacteriochlorophyll, phosphorescence, oxygen photonics, photodynamic stress, photoprotection of plant cells, carotenoids, retinals, furocumarins, photosensitizers, photodynamic therapy, laser excitation of oxygen, mechanisms of laser therapy


Directions of research

Mechanisms of photoactivation of oxygen molecules leading to population of the oxygen singlet states. Analysis of the deactivation routes and functional roles of singlet oxygen in chemical, biochemical and photobiochemical systems including photosynthesizing organisms, visual photoreceptors and the pigment-containing cells and tissues important for photophysiology and photomedicine.

Development of the original noninvasive phosphorescence methods, which are permanently improved using modern laser generators, fiber optics and computer technologies.

Applied problems connected with photoactivation of oxygen for needs of photomedicine (phodynamic cancer treatment and laser therapy), cosmethology, food research, photobactericidal applications and other problems related to photodestruction and photoprotection of colored cells and materials.

Historical sketches on research in photobiology.


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