Group of Plant Bioengineering

Anastasia M. Kamionskaya
Deputy Director for Science
Head of the Group of Plant Bioengineering
INB, room 412
Телефон +7 (499) 135-12-29 ext. 263

Plant biotechnology, agrobiotechnology, clonal plant micropropagation, molecular phytopathology, plant physiology, genetic transformation, plant’s genome editing, biotechnological plant biosafety, plant phytopathogens, phytopathogen genetic diversity, grapes, grape phytopathogens, prevalence of grape phytopathogens, viruses, bacteria, plant phytoplasm


Main achievements:
The main activity of the Group is investigations of inheritance and manifestation of transferred genes in generations of transformed plants, researches of the prevalence and genetic diversity of plant pathogens in crops, the work to advance knowledge in the environmental safety of biotechnological products.

The scheme of selection process of obtaining heterosis hybrids of white cabbage with transgenic component was firstly developed and applied in the laboratory. Based on this scheme the points of  transgenic technology application in traditional breeding process were defined,  crossing and obtaining of the first generation T1 seeds were performed.

On the basis of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation method there were obtained and selected 3 transgenic potato lines (cultivars Elizaveta plus, Lugovskoy plus, Nevsky plus) containing a complete copy of the cry IIIa gene that determines resistance to the Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata), with a gene expression level of more than 10 ppm.

The 3-year biosafety field trials with the obtained lines in various agro-climatic zones of the Russian Federation (according to the UPOV standard) have shown that the GM lines retained, as a whole, all reproductive traits of the original potato varieties and effective control the Colorado potato beetles.

For the first time in Russia, in collaboration with VNNIIViV “Magarach” employees, 15 Crimean vineyards and 6 cultivation areas were examined. There were developed databases of the distribution of detected viruses and bacteria in Crimea. In addition, a collection of phytopathogenic viruses and bacteria that was found in the Crimea has been created. Test systems for the diagnosis of detected grape pathogens have been developed.

Specialized phytopathogenic bacteria P.patens were discovered and the symptoms of pathogenesis were studied at the phenotypic, cytological level.

Since 2004 the Group has prepared 9 PhD, over 15 graduate students in the specialties “Biotechnology”, and produced more than 40 scientific publications, and 12 intellectual property products.


Selected publications:

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