Group of fungal genetic engineering

 eldarov_1 Michael A. Eldarov
Head of the Group
INB, room 401
Телефон +7 (499) 135-62-19

Our group is interested in rather diverse aspects of regulation of primary and secondary metabolism in yeast and fungi. The main topic is the study of molecular control of  secondary metabolite production (cephalosporin C, lovastatin) in filamentous fungi Acremonium chrysogenum and Aspergills terreus with the focus of biogenic polyamines as inducer of antibiotic production, cell survival and stress resistance in these fungi. We have developed agrobacterim-mediated transformation system for industrial A.chrysogenum  and A.terreus strains,  determined  the dynamics of gene expression of key antibiotic biosynthesis and transport genes in these fungi, definied differences  in some biochemical, morphological, molecular genetic, physiological properties of industrial fungal trains, associated with their high producing phenotype.

We also collaborate with our partners in the field of enzymology of phosphorus metabolism in yeast and fungi (G.K.Skryabin Institute, Puschino), protein engineering of the enzymes of biotransformation of beta-lactam antibiotics and sperm-specific glyceraldehyde-phosphate dehydrogenase (Belozersky Institute, MSU).

Particularly, we have developed efficient expression systems for production of recombinant PPX1,PPN1, PPN2, DDP1 – yeast enzymes of polyphosphate metabolism, detailed their enzymatic properties.  Structural basis of substrate specificity of and quaternary structure formation were determined for Brevundimonas diminuta  glutaryl-acylase and novel more efficient analogs of this enzyme were prepared.

In collaboration with the group of genomics of microorganisms  we have deciphered mitochondrial genomes of several yeast and fungi, that helped to compared patterns of evolution of mitochondrial and nuclear genomes in several yeast species.

Molecular-genetic, physiological properties of  flor yeast strains, related to their ability to perform biological wine aging, have been identified using comparative genomics methods. Molecular markers of flor yeast strains have been identified (together with the department of genetics of microorganisms, NIIViV Magarach).



Selected publications:

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