Laboratory of Biochemistry of Nitrogen Fixation and Nitrogen Metabolism

Alexey F. Topunov
Dr.Sci. (Biology)
Head of Laboratory
INBI, build. 1, room 250
Телефон +7 (495) 660-34-30 ext.199

Research directions:

  • Study of the symbiotic nitrogen-fixing system of legume plants
  • Design of effective biopreparations with nodule bacteria
  • Study of conditions regulation in nitrogen fixing legume nodules and functioning of leghemoglobin – symbiotic hemoglobin of legume plants
  • Study of the nitric oxide metabolism and its metabolic products
  • Study of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and reactive carbonyl compounds on hemoglobin
  • The study of proteins of cereals (including triticale) and products of their processing
  • Biosynthesis of poly-3-hydroxyalkanoates and alginates by bacteria of the Azotobacter type
  • Study of biodegradation of poly-3-hydroxyalkanoates
  • Preparation of medicamentary systems based on polymer microparticles

Key achievements:

  • Development of technique for intraspecific identification of nodule bacteria based on the hin-region study of the bacterial genome (the method is protected by the RF patent).
  • Development of method for isolation and purification of leghemoglobin and metleghemoglobin reductase – the enzyme that supports it in physiologically active reduced state
  • Study of interaction of erythrocyte hemoglobin (Hb) with reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and reactive carbonyl compounds, including their complex action
  • Implementation of the computer expert system for the diagnostics of anemias of various genesis using hematological indicators reflecting the state of blood, erythrocytes and hemoglobin (in collaboration with MEPhI)
  • Development of microbiological technology for biosynthesis and purification of biodegradable polymers for medical purposes – polyoxyalkanoates (PAA)


Selected publications

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