Laboratory of Immunobiochemistry


Boris B. Dzantiev
Professor, Dr. Sci. (Chemistry)
Head of  Laboratory
INBI,  build. 1, room 225


Телефон +7 (495) 954-31-42


The researches of the Laboratory are primary directed to studying quantitative regularities of antigen-antibody interactions and development of new immunochemical techniques for detection of biologically active compounds. The relations between properties of immunoreagents and kinetic and equilibrium parameters of the antigen-antibody reaction are studied theoretically and experimentally. Structural changes of protein antigens in the course of their interaction with antibodies are characterized, including antibody-assisted refolding and modulation of catalytic activities of enzymes.

The substances significant for medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and environmental monitoring are used as model antigens. Among them are pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, drugs, surfactants, protein biomarkers, immunoglobulins, viruses and bacterial cells. This row enables to determine common regularities and specific features of the immunochemical interactions. New assay formats and label systems are proposed that ensure growth of sensitivity and rapidity of testing. Such analytical techniques as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunochromatography, immunofiltration, electrochemical and optical immunosensors are realized. Efficacy of the novel methods for practical purposes is characterized; technologies for scaled production of immunoanalytical test-systems are developed jointly with manufacturers.

The laboratory realizes full cycle of the development of immunoanalytical techniques, beginning from obtaining of antibodies and finalizing by the creation of manufacturing technologies. The given cycle embraces both traditional and original methods and approaches (including the developed in the laboratory ones).

Main achievements:

  • Mathematical models have been proposed for the description of multi-stage interaction of antibodies with different classes of polyvalent antigens.
  • Influence of surface density of antigenic determinants on the creation of mono- and bivalent complexes with antibodies and changes of effective binding constant has been analyzed.
  • Theoretical descriptions of immune interactions in the course of different formats of lateral flow immunoassays are proposed.
  • The effect of antibody-assisted refolding of protein antigens has been described.
  • Linear water-soluble polyelectrolytes have been proposed as carriers for rapid immunoassay systems.
  • On the examples of antibodies against pesticides (triazines, aryl- and sulfonylureas, pyrethroids) and veterinary drugs (fluoroquinolones) the fine specificity of the antibody-hapten interaction has been studied; QSAR approaches have been implemented to identify key structures in immune recognition; systems for individual and class-specific assays have been proposed.
  • Poly- and monoclonal antibodies against fullerene C60 have been obtained and characterized. Regularities of immune recognition for such non-typical antigen have been described.
  • Oligonucleotide receptors, aptamers, have been characterized as alternate bioanalytical reactants. Approaches to increase sensitivity of homogeneous assays with their use have been proposed.
  • Interactions between gold nanoparticles and antibodies have been studied including mono- and miltilayers formation. Demands to obtain complexes with maximal immune reactivity are formulated.
  • Techniques for on-site rapid assays with visual and instrumental registration have been developed for medical diagnostics (determination of hormones, drugs of abuse, biomarkers of acute infarction, specific antibodies, pathogenic microorganisms), environmental monitoring and control of agricultural production and food (determination of pesticides, mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, plant viruses).
  • Complex of criteria to optimize immunochromatographic test systems have been elaborated; approaches to amplify signals and increase sensitivity of these systems have been proposed and patented.
  • Methods of preparation and quality control of reactants for scaled manufacturing of immunochromatographic test-systems have been developed. Production of test-systems has been organized; the systems have been officially registered.

Selected publications:

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