Laboratory of Molecular Engineering

Anastasia A. Pometun
Dr.Sci. (Chemistry)
Head of Laboratory
INBI, build.1, room 330 


Телефон +7 (495) 660-34-30 ext. 425

Research directions:

  • Enzymology of extremophilic microorganisms. Restoration and detoxification of oxyanions
  • Structure-function relationship study in proteins
  • Creation and research of the therapeutic proteins properties
  • Study of protein secretion mechanism in prokaryotes

Key achievements

The laboratory develops protein preparations based on recombinant DNA technology, carrying out a full cycle of work: from the choice of the strategy of cloning the individual gene and its chemical-enzymatic synthesis to the development of methods for isolation, purification and testing of the target protein. The main efforts are focused on the use of prokaryotic producer strains and yeast systems.

  • Production of a hybrid recombinant protein (SAV-RGD) specifically recognizing human melanoma cells and having potential antitumor activity shown during preclinical trials under the 14.N08.12.0009 program of the Federal Target Public Health Program “Preclinical studies of  anti-melanoma drug based on self-assembling fusion protein containing melanoma-recognizing peptides and the adapter part for the attachment of a toxic agent “
  • Creation of  highly effective recombinant strain-producer of soluble streptavidin
  • Development of  method for producing recombinant human interferon alpha2b
  • Annual participation in various domestic and international events as speakers, poster authors and guests
  • Work with young scientists and effective encouragement of young science academia to conduct research (8 Ph.D. dissertations  defended on the laboratory research topic)