Laboratory of Molecular Aspects of Biotransformation


Tatyana V. Fedorova
Head of Laboratory
INBI, build.1, room 258


Телефон +7 (495) 952-87-99

Research directions:

  • Study of the organization of multigenic families of laccase and peroxidases in basidiomycetes – pathogens of wood white-rot
  • Study of the patterns of enzymes expression and production by wood-breaking basidiomycetes
  • Study of physiological and biochemical features of basidiomycetes – pathogens of wood white-rot
  • Investigations of the structure, physicochemical, biochemical and catalytic properties of lignolytic and cellulolytic enzymes
  • Genome study of the of the basidiomycete Trametes hirsuta
  • Proteomе and the secret of basidiomycetes
  • Investigation of the relations between the structure of biologically active peptides and their biological properties
  • Research of functional food ingredients and functional food products
  • Development of technologies for bioconversion animal products waste
  • Investigation of the interaction of humic substances and basidiomycetes

Key achievements:

The development of methods and approaches for the study of amino acid-peptide compositions has been carried out with the other laboratories of the Centre: peptide composition, safety, organoleptic properties, functional characteristics, including bifidogenic, antimicrobial, antioxidant activities in the framework of the international project 7 of the European Union’s PROSPARE Program No. 212696 ( “PROgress in Saving Proteins And Recovering Energy”).

The developed analytical platform for in vitro and in vivo testing protein-peptide hydrolyzates and biologically active peptides has been successfully implemented to study various food products, functional ingredients and functional food products, primarily to assess their functionality

The laboratory is working on the structural and functional analysis of biologically active peptides of plant and animal origin. Structural descriptors were established for tyrosine-containing antioxidant peptides. Based on the established descriptors among more than 100 peptides identified in animal peptide hydrolysates, 16 new antioxidant peptides were selected. Verification of biological activity of biopeptides is carried out on test models in vitro and in vivo.

The laboratory works on the development of the methods for the preparation of hydrolyzed protein-peptide compositions and functional products based on it (for example, technologies of bioremediation of soil contaminated with pesticides and processing of wastes from pulp and paper mills. For the most part of the developments, domestic patents have been obtained (more than 10).


Selected publications

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