Alexander I. Yaropolov
Professor, Dr.Sci. (Chemistry)
Head of Laboratory
INBI, build. 2, room 217
Телефон +7 (495) 954-44-77


General description of the Laboratory:
The Laboratory of Chemical Enzymology was established in 1986. The Laboratory was originally focused on the chemical, structural and electrochemical investigations of the redox enzymes and proteins, as their application in various areas of biotechnology. The major problems facing the laboratory are bioelectrocatalysis; study of mechanisms of redox enzymes and free radical reactions; investigation of environmentally friendly technology of «green» organic synthesis. At present time the Laboratory comprises 6 staff researchers.

The laboratory is headed by Prof. A.I. Yaropolov since that time. He has great experience in bioelectrocatalysis, in studies of the mechanism of redox enzymes and free radical reactions, in development of heterogeneous catalysts based on immobilized enzymes, creation of various types of biosensors. He is one of the authors of the discovery called “bioelectrocatalysis” of oxidoreductases. He is the author of 19 patents and more that 160 publications in refereed journals.

Scientific interests, priorities:

  • physico-chemical study of oxidoreductases and their application in biotechnology;
  • investigation of the mechanism of free radical reactions during oxidoreductase function;
  • fine organic synthesis using oxidoreductases;
  • bioelectrochemical studies of oxidoreductases, including direct (mediator-less) electron transfer and bioelectrocatalysis;
  • using laccase-mediator systems for degradation of xenobiotics, synthesis of conducting polymers and polymer/carbon nanomaterials composites for supercapacitor development;
  • enzyme-mediated polymerization and modification of natural physiologically active compounds;
  • enzymatic reactions in deep eutectic solvents;
  • pretreatment of lignocellulose using deep eutectic solvents.


Selected publications:

  1. Khlupova M., Vasil’eva I., Shumakovich G., Zaitseva E., Chertkov V., Shestakova A., Morozova O., Yaropolov A.. Enzymatic Polymerization of Dihydroquercetin (Taxifolin) in Betaine-Based Deep Eutectic Solvent and Product Characterization. Catalysts. 2021. 11(5). Article number: 639.
  2. Vasil’eva I., Shumakovich G., Khlupova M., Vasiliev R., Morozova O., Yaropolov A. Enzymatic synthesis and electrochemical characterization of sodium 1,2-naphthoquinone-4-sulfonate-doped PEDOT/MWCNT composite. RSC Advances. 2020. 10. 33010-33017.
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