Name Laboratory Direction Duration of study Scientific advisor Subject of research
Bach Institute of Biochemistry
1. Darya Armyaninova Laboratory of biochemistry of stresses in microorganisms Molecular biology (1.5.3) 20.09.2018 — 19.09.2022 Dr. Anna Goncharenko CRISPR/Cas as a tool for genetic engineering of mycobacteria
2. Yuri Obuhov Laboratory of ecological and evolutionary biochemistry Biochemistry (1.5.4) 20.09.2018 — 19.09.2022 Prof. Mikhail Kritskyi Investigation of the Photochemical Properties of Water Soluble Chlorophyll-binding Proteins of the WSCP Family
3. Albina Ostrik Laboratory of biochemistry of stresses in microorganisms Biochemistry (1.5.4) 20.09.2018 — 19.09.2022 Dr. Elena Salina The role of small non-coding RNAs in metabolism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
4. Lyubov Barshevskaya Laboratory of immunobiochemistry Biochemistry (1.5.4) 20.09.2019 — 19.09.2023 Prof. Boris Dzantiev Structural and functional characterization of antibodies in complexes with nanoparticles
5. Nadezda Marynich Laboratory of physical biochemistry Biochemistry (1.5.4) 20.09.2019 — 19.09.2023 Prof. Alexander Savitsky Mutagenesis of the unique biphotochromic fluorescent protein SAASoti to modify its photochemical and physicochemical properties
6. Larisa Varfolomeeva Laboratory of enzyme engineering Biochemistry (1.5.4) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Konstantin Boiko Study of the TcDH active center structure and the catalysis mechanism by X-ray analysis
7. Viktoriya Bidiuk Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Molecular biology (1.5.3) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Alexander Alexandrov Systematic study of cell death mechanisms in response to inactivation of essential genes in yeast
8. Anastasiya Solov`eva Laboratory of enzyme engineering Biochemistry (1.5.4) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Tamara Tikhonova Study of activation mechanism of thiocyanate dehydrogenase in vitro and in vivo
9. Alina Bakunova Laboratory of enzyme engineering Biochemistry (1.5.4) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Ekaterina Bezsudnova Structural bases of the substrate specificity of PLP-dependent D-amino acid transaminases
10. Aleksandra Krivitskaya Group of Molecular Modeling Biochemistry (1.5.4) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Maria Khrenova Molecular modelling of reaction activity and inhibition mechanisms of metallo-beta-lactamase
11. Nikolai Shipkov Laboratory of enzyme engineering Molecular biology (1.5.3) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Academ. Vladimir Popov Structure and properties of thiocyanatedehydrohenases from various sources
12. Mariya Kulakova Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Biochemistry (1.5.4) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2023 Dr. Mikhail Agafonov Study of the calcium-dependent response of Ogataea polymorpha yeast cells to various impetuses
13. Fatima Lamerdonova Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Biochemistry (1.5.4) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Dr. Alexander Alexandrov Investigation of the biological effects of antifungal agents
14. Danil Kalinin Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology Molecular biology (1.5.3) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Director, Dr. Alexey Fedorov, Dr. Igor Granovsky Development of a molecular mechanism for the suppression of African swine fever virus reproduction based on the activation of a modified of colicin E9 with immunity protein
15. Aleksander Shabaev Laboratory of Molecular Aspects of Biotransformation Biochemistry (1.5.4) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Dr. Tatiana Fedorova Lignolytic complex of basidial white rot fungi from various ecological niches
16. Artur Gallyamov Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Molecular biology (1.5.3) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Dr. Vitaly Kushnirov Relationship between the primary structure of amyloidogenic proteins and their prion properties in yeast
Winogradsky Institute of Microbiology
17. Aleksander Efimov
(academic leave)
Laboratory of microbial viruses Microbiology (1.5.11) 20.09.2017 — 19.09.2021 Dr. Andrey Letarov Pharmacokinetics of phage therapy
18. Alexey Ershov Laboratory of Petroleum Microbiology Microbiology (1.5.11) 20.09.2019 – 19.09.2023 Dr. Tamara Nazina Functional and phylogenetic diversity of microorganisms in heavy oil reservoirs
19. Anna Pelevina Laboratory of relict microbial communities Microbiology (1.5.11) 20.09.2019 – 19.09.2023 Dr. Nikolay Pimenov Metabolic features of phosphate-accumulating bacteria and their role in microbial communities of treatment facilities
20. Pavel Pechenov Laboratory of microbial viruses Biotechnology (1.5.6) 20.09.2019 – 19.09.2023 Dr. Andrey Letarov Novel approaches to protection of lactic acid bacteria against bacteriophages
21. Anastasiya Maltseva Extremophiles Metabolism Laboratory Microbiology (1.5.11) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Eugenyi Frolov Exploring the diversity of pathways of autotrophic carbon assimilation in thermophilic prokaryotes
22. Ruslan Suleimanov Laboratory of Wetland Microbiology Microbiology (1.5.11) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Svetlana Dedysh Novel methanotrophic bacteria as single-cell protein source for aquaculture: targeted search for new strains and metabolic engineering
23. Alisa Zakharycheva Laboratory of Ecology and Geochemical Activity of Microorganisms Microbiology (1.5.11) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Tatiana Khizniak Extremely halo(alkalo)philic hydrolytic euryarchaea isolated from the hypersaline lakes
24. Aleksander Kuznezov Laboratory of Microbial Viruses Microbiology (1.5.11) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Dr. Andrey Letarov Lambdoid bacteriophages and some aspects of their interactions with host cells
25. Olesya Galuza Laboratory of Viability of Microorganisms Microbiology (1.5.11) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Dr. Yury Nikolaev Forms, mechanisms and regulation of bacterial persistence and their biotechnological significance
Institute of Bioengineering
26. Mariya Sinegubova Laboratory of mammals cells bioengineering Biotechnology (1.5.6) 20.09.2018 — 19.09.2022 Dr. Ivan Vorob`ev Study of bi- and tricistronic genetic constructs based on EEF1A1 gene of chinese hamster ovary for human luteinizing hormone production
27. Alexey Starshin Laboratory of vertebtate genomics and epigenomics Molecular biology (1.5.3) 20.09.2018 — 19.09.2022 Dr. Egor Prokhorchuk Dynamic of DNA methylation level in response to inflammation associated with hyperosmotic conditions in epithelial cells
28. Galina Filonova
(academic leave)
Laboratory of vertebtate genomics and epigenomics Molecular biology (1.5.3) 20.09.2019 – 19.09.2023 Dr. Svetlana Zhenilo Study the functional role of methyl-DNA binding activity of Kaiso protein
29. Gleb Efremov Laboratory of plant system biology/ Group of molecular methods of genome analysis Molecular biology (1.5.3) 20.09.2019 – 19.09.2023 Prof. Elena Kochieva Analysis of novel structural and regulatory genes for MAS-selection of new tomato cultivars with improved fruit nutritional value
30. Ivan Mikhailov Group of Regulatory Transcriptomics and Epigenomics Bioinformatics (1.5.8) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2023 Dr. Yulia Medvedeva Design of complex system for genotoxicity evaluation of chemical compounds using NGS
31. Anna Nezhdanova Laboratory of plant system biology Biotechnology (1.5.6) 21.09.2020 – 20.09.2024 Dr. Anna Shchennikova Genes of MADS-domain and YABBY transcription factors and their role in the regulation of agriculturally valuable traits: Identification, characterization and functional analysis
32. Anastasiya Kulakova Laboratory of Plant System Biology Biotechnology (1.5.6) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Prof. Elena Kochieva Structural and functional characteristics of new genes-homologues of α- and β -amylases and their inhibitors that determine the resistance of potatoes to cold stress
33. Tatiana Timofeeva Laboratory of Biopolymer Engineering Biotechnology (1.5.6) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Prof. Valery Varlamov The effect of the chitosan hydrolyzate on the expression stress related plant genes
34. Anastasiya Bubnova Group of Plant Bioengineering Biotechnology (1.5.6) 20.09.2021 – 19.09.2025 Dr. Ananstasiya Kamionskaya Assessment of potentially new regulatory elements in the rice genome