Scientific departments of the Research Center of Biotechnology RAS on the regular basis take part and organize international events of different scale.

The Research Center of Biotechnology RAS organizes the events within the implemented international projects, as well as bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The National Contact Point for Biotechnology (NCP “Biotechnology”) that is functioning on the basis of the Research Center of Biotechnology RAS promotes international cooperation mainly with the European Union. EU-Russia joint activities in the field of biotechnology are regularly carried out allowing a closer coordination between the European and Russian scientific and business communities. Various workshops and forums serve as a platform for consortia formations both within the EU framework programs and bilateral cooperation with scientific and innovative companies of leading EU Member States.

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation with Germany, regular Russian-German seminars and forums on biotechnology are organized. In 2002-2014 in the framework of the Russian-French and Russian-Polish cooperation in the field of biotechnology, the Institute of Bioengineering held a number of international workshops and symposiums on the problems of genetic engineering and other research areas.

Since 1983 the Research Center of Biotechnology RAS together with the Russian Chitin Society (President Prof. Valery Varlamov), the Scientific Council of RAS on biotechnology, institutes of RAS and branch institutes of the fishing industry have organized 12 international conferences “Modern perspectives in the study of chitin and chitosan” in different cities of Russia.

Representatives of the Research Center of Biotechnology RAS regularly participate in international events of different levels with reports, presentations and lectures.