Pavilion No. 30 at VDNH
Address: Prospekt Mira, 119, p. 30, VDNH

Working hours:

Wednesday-Friday 11:00-19:00

Saturday-Sunday 12:00-20:00

Monday-Tuesday closed




In spring 2022, the Centre of Modern Biotechnology and the BIOTECH Museum opened its doors to the public.

The history of VDNH pavilion 30, which now houses the Centre of Modern Biotechnology and the BIOTECH Museum, is almost a hundred years old. Pavilion 30 was built in 1937, designed by architects Karaulov and Levinson.

With the support of the Ministry Of Science And Higher Education Of The Russian Federation, the  Research Centre of Biotechnology RAS  created a unique platform demonstrating what modern biotechnologies are. Visitors will be able to interact with exhibits, participate in exciting quizzes and game objects. The entertainment will be full of useful information, thoroughly gathered by scientists.

The detailed exposition is designed to explain in an accessible and interesting way the advantages of new biotechnological developments, vaccine production systems, city farms, bioreactors and many other innovative and familiar technologies. The exposition includes more than 14 unique exhibits designed to reflect the global and individual impact of biotechnology. Visitors will be able to explore new materials produced using biotechnology (from silk to concrete), see the usual foods made from unconventional raw materials (“meat from a test tube”, “flour from grasshoppers”, “mushroom cheese”), with an interactive installation.

In addition to the permanent exhibition of the Museum, the pavilion will also include an area for events of different formats – seminars, workshops, lectures, thematic conferences and studio shootings. For more details follow the link to the official website of the BIOTECH Museum  and on the VDNH website.

The space created in Pavilion 30 at VDNH is an attraction point for everyone who is interested in the comprehensive developments of the Russian science and young people open for new complex knowledge and eager to build research career.