Laboratory of Mammals Cells Bioengineering

Ivan I. Vorobev
Dr Sci. (Biology)
Head of Laboratory
INB, room 512
Телефон +7 (495) 308-99-96

Research directions

  • Production of highly effective producers of biologically active substances of protein nature
  • Development of methods for purification of target proteins
  • Obtaining modified preparations of prolonged-action proteins

Key achievements

  • Highly efficient producers of clotting factors VIII and IX for the treatment of hemophilia.
  • Product of human follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), widely used in medicine for infertility and in case of assisted reproductive technologies application, which is significantly superior to the known analogues in terms of productivity
  • Producer line development of the alteplase (tissue activator of human plasminogen), which has fibrinolytic activity
  • It is known that such modifications as pegylation and sialylation can increase protein lifetime in the blood. Therefore, the laboratory developed sialized insulin obtaining method, which allows to significantly increase the periods between injections of the preparation, improving life quality of patients.


Selected publications

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