Laboratory of Biomedical Research

shishkin2 Sergey S. Shishkin
Professor, Dr.Sci. (Biology)
Head of Laboratory
INBI, build. 2, room 101
Телефон +7 (495) 952-58-86

Research directions:

  • Proteins systematic research of the human and some other mammals (farm animals) musculoskeletal system using proteomic strategies, aimed at obtaining the characteristic of proteomic profiles of muscle tissues, as well as the search for new muscle proteins, and the detection of proteins markers of various pathological processes in the muscular organs;
  • Systematic research of proteins in meat products, including functional ones, using proteomic strategy, aimed at the creation of methods for quality control and detection of proteins of non-muscle origin, including evidence of meat products falsification;
  • Study of  mechanisms of biochemical proteins polymorphism (polylocus, polyallism, post-synthetic modifications) and the role of polymorphic isoforms in  human muscular organs functioning, both normal and pathological;
  • Construction of proteomic databases, including information on human muscle proteins and a number of farm animals;
  • Creation and expansion of  human cell collection cultures used as cellular models in the study of biochemical mechanisms of cell differentiation and the effects of various growth factors, as well as potential drugs

Key achievements:

The core results of proteomic studies of muscle tissue and cultured human cells are over 500 human proteins  identified and characterized by a number of biochemical parameters. The received materials formed basis for construction of the original domestic public database “Proteomics of muscular organs”. This database is available on the website of the Institute of Biochemistry. A.N. Bach of the Russian Academy of Sciences ( Among the characterized proteins, isoforms have been identified, representing various manifestations of biochemical polymorphism, particularly caused by single amino acid substitutions, for example, a new variant of triose phosphate isomerase 1 (a single amino acid substitution of 233G®D). In addition, the obtained results allowed one of the parties to resolve the so-called “conflict” definitions (135 positions) in the amino acid sequences of 59 human proteins, being listed in the international UniProt database.


Selected publications:

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